Adaptive SD-OSIC

Adaptive SD-OSIC

Adaptive SD-OSIC system structure.png



          Sphere decoding is a powerful technique, but its high and variable complexity can make the practical implementation

          infeasible. In this letter, we present an adaptive system, called adaptive SD-OSIC, as a way of reducing the decoding

          complexity while maintaining the error performance of conventional sphere decoding.


          ITRL Proposed Adaptive SD-OSIC Algorithm
                - Able to achieve a better performance compared to conventional SD algorithms. 
                - Quasi-constant complexity through the entire SNR range.
                - Contrary to other proposed algorithms, our system reduces and improves the complexity of the conventional SD,

                   with little sacrifice of BER in the high SNR region. 
                - For low SNR values, the proposed system achieves better BER performance than the conventional

                  SD and OSIC algorithms.



         Paper        Reduction of sphere decoding complexity through an Adaptive OSIC- SD system