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LTE-Advanced & IMT-Advanced 시스템을 위한 최적 ICIC 알고리즘 설계 및 실용화 연구

duration 2010.03 - 2011.02 

support_association 한국연구재단 

차세대 휴대폰용 지능형 사용자 인터페이스 플랫폼 기술개발

duration 2009.03 - 2013.12 

support_association 지식경제부 

Turbo(Adaptive) MIMO-OFDM 기법을 적용한 차세대 통신시스템 알고리즘(SW) 개발

duration 2009.07 - 2011.06 

support_association LG Innotek Inc. 

3GPP LTE-Advanced 시스템에서 조정된 다중 전송 기반의 셀 간 간섭 조정

duration 2009.04 - 2010.03 

support_association 특성화 연구 

Communication Module Development with MIMO scheme

duration 2007.06 - 2009.05 

support_association LG Innotek Inc. 

A Study on the combined AMC-MIMO System with Practical DPC to approach optimal channel capacity

duration 2008.07 - 2009.06 

support_association Korea Research Foundation 

Design and Performance Analysis of ICIC of Algorithm In IMT-Advanced System

duration 2008.06 - 2008.12 

support_association ETRI 

A study on practicable MIMO schemes to Approach Sub-optimal Channel Capacity

duration 2007.01 - 2007.12 

support_association LG Electronics Inc. 

Performance Analysis of Adaptive AMC with MIMO and OFDM In next generation mobile communication system

duration 2006.07 - 2007.06 

support_association Chonnam National University 

Wireless VoIP Mobile Phone System Development

duration 2006.07 - 2007.06 

support_association Chonnam National University & MDS Networks Inc.